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[A] Comfortable & Enjoyable for ANYONE with an interest in nature.
[B] Comfortable and fun for bird watchers — but one must enjoy daily bird watching.
[C] Birders with both a keen interest, and energy level — birding all-day every-day.

* Codes help to clarify daily intensity, and the variety of activities while on tour

2021 – 2022



A surprise destination… wonderful scenery, excellent birding, fine meals and delicous wines, all amid an inviting people!  Great birds include Ferruginous Duck, Hazel Grouse, Rock Partridge, Dalmatian Pelican,  Levant Sparrowhawk, Corn Crake, Little Crake, Black Woodpecker, White-backed Woodpecker, Masked Shrike, Western Rock Nuthatch, Barred Warbler, Semicollared Flycatcher, Pied Wheatear, Ring Ouzel, & Black-headed Bunting.

Tour Style [A]  $3,945/pp.

Space Availability: (Call for Availability Notification)

FEBRUARY 4TH – 25TH, 2022

CHILE (the North, Central Chile, & the South)

Chile has less than twenty endemic birds, however it is a spectacular destination for nature-travel, sightseeing, and birding.  There are a great number of seabirds in the Southern Eastern Pacific and seeing these birds up close will be a highlight.  The central and southern Andeas, Atacama Desert, Chilean coastal plain, and southern Magellanic region will be explored in depth.  An Easter Island extension is planned…

Tour Style [B] [Program offered in units – THE NORTH, CENTRAL CHILE, THE SOUTH, & EASTER ISLAND (Nov 19th – 21st)]

Space Availability: [Contact Us Concerning Options]



September 27th – October 10th, 2022

SPAIN – Fall Migration Amid a Storied History

Spain is too large to see all of it in one visit… as well, some parts of the country have a best season.  We are and depart through Madrid with the bulk of our travels through Castillo-La Mancha (Toledo), Andalusia (Granada, Sevilla), and Gibraltar.  We plan to catch some of the most spectacular sights of fall migration as thousands of birds funnel accross the narrow neck of the Mediterranean Sea.  This trip will take advantage of local guides to assist with birding while having in each day activities that bring Spain itself into focus.

Tour Style [A]  (TBD)

Space Availability: (YES)

Tour Price: Route & Price available 12-months before departure

December 1st – 12th, 2022


The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico offers both a very fine birding experience and an excellent vacation opportunity.  Everyone sees new birds in the Yucatan (15 species are either endemic or limited range), and while doing so one should expect pleasant hotels, delicious meal choices, and interesting Mayan sites.  This is the only Heritage-Style route Legacy offers in Mexico, as it results in 225+ species of birds whether birding all-day, every-day or each morning and afternoon while enjoying other experiences within the day.  It is the one destination in Mexico where a birder can comfortably share her/his vacation with a non-birding partner/family member/friend.  The route includes Cozumel Island (10+ species with a Caribbean affinity), then north coast of Yucatan State (Mexican Sheartail, Yucatan Wren, Yucatan Gnatcatcher), and a number of forested trails amid protected parks and archeological sites.

Tour Format:  Heritage-Style Birding 
Tour Style:  A
Space Availability: YES
Tour Price: $3,895/pp


JANUARY 12TH – 23RD, 2023

SOUTH KOREA – An Extravaganza of Cranes & Waterfowl

A focused Birding Tour for those that have ‘dreamed’ of seeing large numbers of cranes and waterbirds (and doing so with a number of Life Birds).  We should see at least six species of cranes and such wonderful waterfowl as Swan Goose, Lesser White-fronted Goose, Baikal Teal, Stegnejer’s White-winged Scoter, and Scaly-sided Merganser.  We also expect Hazel Grouse, Solitary Snipe, Relict Gull, Daurian Jackdaw, & Pallas’ Rosefinch.

Tour Style [C]  $4,495/pp. (discount for couples sharing a bed)

Space Availability: (YES)

MAY 4TH – 18TH, 2023

GEORGIA & ARMENIA (Classic Spring Birding)

Georgia is a member of the NATO-run Partnership for Peace.  It’s people practice the Eastern Orthodox Religion [The country takes its name from St. George, its patron].  It is  famous for unique breads, candies, and wines.  Expect to see wild countryside, towering mountains, and lovely cities blanketed in churches and monasteries.

WE WILL TARGET – Caspian and Caucasian Snowcock, and Caucasian Black Grouse, nine species of falcons, and twenty-four species of raptors, Radde’s Accentor, Upcher’s and Menetries’s warblers, White-winged Redstart, Finsch’s Wheatear, Eastern Rock Nuthatch, Wallcreeper, & Fire-fronted Serin.

Tour Style [B]  Price/Itinerary 12-months before departure.

Space Availability: Call for Availability Notification


Individuals, small parties of friends, and larger groups from birding clubs regularly travel with Legacy Tours as members of a custom tour to specific destinations, primarily in Mexico.  Contact our office to explore the possibility of a custom tour for yourself [target birding], your family [target destination], or your birding club [targeted joint activity].