Birds of Mexico Check-list

Click to the left to download a PDF file of the latest version of the Legacy Tours Check-list of the Birds of Mexico (9th edition, 2019). This new version respresents a major revision of the 8th edition (2016), and like it, follows the IOC Checklist.  All prior editions were based on the AOU Check-list of North American Birds.

The AOU-based 7th edition (2011, reissued with small corrections in 2013) and accompanying Notes are still a useful reference for those interested in tracing various species across the tangled, conflicting taxonomy and nomnclature of earlier years.  This 7th edition and its Notes may also be downloaded as PDF files by clicking to the left.

These documents are formatted for two-sided printing, with wide inner margins to accommodate three-hole punching and assembly in a report cover for field use.

The Check-list is revised regularly to take account of the rapid evolution of scientific understanding of avian taxonomy and nomenclature, and the increasingly sophisticated knowledge of the status and distribution of birds in Mexico. Your input is welcome and will be gratefully acknowledged in future editions. Please send your questions, corrections, and suggestions to