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THE BIRDS OF ISLA MARIA MADRE, TRES MARIAS ISLANDS BIOSPHERE RESERVE     —    J Douglas (Doug) Hanna (on the far left in the photo above) is a Texas based Canadian Birder/Photographer with a special love for seabirds.  He likely has photographed more species of birds in Mexico than any other visiting birder; this includes nearly all of Mexico’s endemics.  These photographs from a recent visit to Tres Marias Islands (Isla Maria Madre) represent a further continuance of his adventures in Mexico; a chance for Doug to capture the subtile beauty of his avian subjects (and one endemic rabbit).


Birding with Michael Carmody of Legacy Tours

For nearly thirty years Michael Carmody has led birding tours for small groups and custom parties.  During three decades of full-time guiding several thousand serious birders have joined with Michael Carmody to target Mexico’s one-hundred plus endemic birds, benefiting from his expert planning and broad site knowledge to score a brilliantly successful birding experience.  Michael Carmody continues to be the preferred “Top Guide” for birders within the various endemic-rich regions of Mexico: (1) Central Mexico’s Endemics (Finest Birding Route in North America), (2) Northern Mexico’s Summer Breeders (Eared Quetzal, Thick-billed and Maroon-fronted parrots), (3) Oaxaca’s Southern Highlands & Sierra Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, (4) Baja California Sur (Sierra la Laguna) & Northwestern Mexico (San Blas & the Durango Hwy), (5) El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve (Horned Guan), (6) Chiapas’ extensive Caribbean rainforests, and (7) Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula & Isla Cozumel.

For the past twenty years Michael Carmody has organized ‘far-away’ birding tours in which he always participates as either first or second guide.  These adventures, though always focused on birds, yet include at least a limited exposure to countries being visited, combined with a discerning tour pace that embraces group activities, daily meals and nightly accommodations.  For the past three years now, Susan Carmody, has participated as second-guide/driver for the more ‘comfortable’ Far-away Tours. Countries visited following this pleasant ‘Heritage-Style‘ trip format have included Costa Rica, Venezuela, Argentina, Belize, Honduras, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Australia, Italy, Republic of Georgia, and Mexican NCL Cruises.  Destinations currently on the Tour Calendar include  Portugal (and Azores & Madeira), and Puerto Rico & the Greater Antilles, Central Mediterrenean’s big three – Sicily, Sardinia, & Corsica), Kazakhstan, Scotland & SE England [Extension to the West of Ireland], Yucatan, Mexico, and Cambodia.

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