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Mike Rodegerdst is a Oregon birder who has embraced all of the major regions of the world.  Over the years a hunter, an aviculturalist, and a photogarpher; an entire lifetime of around birds.  Mike and his wife, Dorothy, have traveled with us to a number of international destinations, and this past January, Mike was with us in South Korea, where these photos were taken.  He is pictured here (the man in the middle) celebrating a successful search for Arctic Rosy-Finch

Birding with Michael Carmody of Legacy Tours

For nearly thirty years Michael Carmody has led birding tours for small groups and custom parties.  During three decades of full-time guiding several thousand serious birders have joined with Michael Carmody to target Mexico’s one-hundred plus endemic birds, benefiting from his expert planning and broad site knowledge to score a brilliantly successful birding experience.  Michael Carmody continues to be the preferred “Top Guide” for birders within the various endemic-rich regions of Mexico: (1) Central Mexico’s Endemics (Finest Birding Route in North America), (2) Northern Mexico’s Summer Breeders (Eared Quetzal, Thick-billed and Maroon-fronted parrots), (3) Oaxaca’s Southern Highlands & Sierra Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, (4) Baja California Sur (Sierra la Laguna) & Northwestern Mexico (San Blas & the Durango Hwy), (5) El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve (Horned Guan), (6) Chiapas’ extensive Caribbean rainforests, and (7) Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula & Isla Cozumel.

For the past twenty years Michael Carmody has organized ‘far-away’ birding tours in which he always participates as either first or second guide.  These adventures, though always focused on birds, include at least a limited exposure to countries being visited, combined with a discerning tour pace that embraces group activities, daily meals and nightly accommodations.  Countries visited following this pleasant ‘Heritage-Style‘ trip format have included Costa Rica, Venezuela, Argentina, Belize, Honduras, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Australia, Italy, and Mexican NCL Cruises.  Destinations currently on the Tour Calendar include Mainland Chile, Georgia & Armenia, South Korea, Southern Spain, and Puerto Rico & the Greater Antilles.

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