Client References

Thanks for the memorable Mexico trip. You really do know how and where to find those endemics! I look forward to the next one.

- DR. ROBERT RIDGELY, New Hampshire

I now consider Michael Carmody of Legacy Tours to be the best field guide in North America.

- DAN CANTERBURY, Florida (1,789 AOU Area Birds; the only person to report 800 birds for ABA, MEXICO, and CENTRAL AMERCA; 2007 ABA List Report)

Michael Carmody has been my guide during extensive trips in Mexico and the USA, when I was searching for the most rare and difficult birds. His comprehensive site knowledge, route planning, identification skills, and recognition of calls brought near total success to my expeditions, helping me through to my 8,000th bird [now 8,421].

- TOM GULLICK, Spain (World #1 list total of 8,702 species; 2007 ABA List Report)

On May 6th, 2002 we realized our goal of becoming first persons to tally 800 birds for both ABA (816) and Mexico (818) with the help of Michael Carmody of Legacy Tours, who put the icing on the cake for us.


They say; no one gets them-all - but we did! I've had the pleasure of birding with Michael Carmody on several occasions. In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable about the birds in his patch, Michael is also a gentleman and a most convivial companion.

- DAVID NARINS, Florida (AOU Area #1 list total of 1,794 species; 2007 ABA List Report)

I have visited Mexico three times, and the best-led birding tour was with Michael Carmody.

- ROGER CLIFFORD (The Owl Man), Virginia

I have traveled with many top tour leaders and Michael Carmody ranks with the best. If you want to see Mexican endemics, he is the person.


Thank you very much for all the birds you found and showed to me during the eight days I spent with you.


Our recent trip was one of the most memorable and rewarding I have ever taken. A remarkable group of people and skilled and patient leadership made for a great combination. Thanks and looking forward to the next one.

- PHIL SWAN, California

Because of your ability to consistently produce the key birds of a region Legacy Tours is increasingly recognized as the only way to bird Mexico.

- HAL OPPERMAN, Washington

Michael Carmody owns USA based Legacy Tours specializing in the 100+ endemic birds of Mexico. Small group tours for focused birders are offered annually to each of the major endemic bird regions of Mexico, and custom trips for individuals or private parties are made available on a regular basis. Contact Legacy Tours for a current schedule of tours, or to inquire about dates for your personalized birding trip.